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Founded in March 1872, the Rangers Football Club is the first European club to reach its 150th anniversary. Together with their official NFT Partner Sporte Agency/Sportemon Go, the Rangers are marking the occasion with an exclusive commemorative NFT collection that will be available on the SporteNFT Marketplace.The commemorative NFT colle

DOG$ ON SOLANA AMA on Wednesday 9th March confirmed MetaDog Racing will be released on Solana together with an associated Ethereum (ETH) token. The decision to release the game on Solana will maximize the value of NFTs and investor returns, maximizing gameplay through Solana’s fast transactions (2500~ transactions per second, and theore

Have you heard about something called The Metaverse? I know what you are thinking – “Oh come on! Who hasn’t heard about it?” Well, after 10 years of research Facebook has officially entered the space, cue one impeccably timed name change, and here we are, with the Metaverse fast becoming a household name.

The new and improved SGOX officially launched on the 22nd of January. After months of tireless efforts by Ricky, Corey, the Dev Team, working on the new contract (and so much more behind the scenes) SGOX is live! This Sportemon Go as before, but BETTER to help us capitalise on our position as the leader […]