on being one of the lucky token holders to register for the Diamond Hands Club!

Membership is exclusive to SGO token holders who have chosen to secure their tokens in the Diamond Hands Club. In return, you are receiving the benefits of the most advanced loyalty rewards program that crypto has ever seen!

Hurry Up! Registrations End In

What do I need to do next?

1. Confirm your SGO public wallet address.

2. Confirm the quantity of SGO you wish to secure in the Diamond hands Club.

3. Confirm the length of your commitment: 6 months, 12 months or until November 2022.

Terms & Conditions

All Registrations must be completed by 31.7.2021 AT 6PM NYC TIME.

The date and time for securing your investment into the DHC will be announced before August 1st 2021 so keep a close eye on your email, the SGO official Telegram channel, and the SGO Telegram Announcements channel.

This announcement is extremely important because there will be a short window of time for DHC members to transfer your designated SGO between wallets to avoid the normal transaction taxes that normally occur.

If you are concerned you could miss the tax-free transaction window, we suggest turning on your notifications for the SGO Telegram Announcements channel. If you miss the announced window you will have to transfer your SGO through the normal route and will be charged the normal transaction fee.