The Official Sportemon Go Loyalty Rewards Program

Diamond Hands Club

The Diamond Hands Club is an exclusive rewards club created for our loyal investors. There will be exclusive rewards and prizes for our members. Do you want to get rewarded?

What is Diamond Hands Club?

It is an exclusive loyalty campaign to reward investors within the community that support Sportemon Go.
These loyal HODLERS that are part of this club will earn great benefits such as extra reflections, priority access on SGO products, services, events, prizes, access to money-can-not-buy opportunities and MORE.

Got diamond hands?

What is great about the diamond hands club?

Offical Loyal Token Holder

Membership to the Diamond Hands Club is an official way to showcase your support for Sportemon Go. These are our most valued investors. The loyalty will be rewarded, and we will continuously endeavour to increase these awards in time.

Earn Bonus Reflections

Earn 1% bonus reflections powered by our SGO stadium ecosystem. This is in addition to the standard 3% reflections already included within Sportemon Go. This is only available to Diamond Hand Club members.

This is a #GameChanger

We are pioneering a movement to bring SGO and the crypto industry to the mainstream masses. We have many exciting milestones in the work. Join us. Be a part of the revolution. Be a part of history. #GameChanger.

Qatar Fifa World Cup 2022

Sportemon Go anticipates more dollar transactions during the World Cup than the entire market cap of SGO today. Now imagine this being duplicated across the entire sporting industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the promotion about?

Phase 1 – Register to HODL and receive a portion of the additional 1% Reflection tax from SGO Stadium Ecosystem. Note – The DHC members will also receive the standard 3%.

Phase 2 – Diamond Hands Club is a unique opportunity to buy SGO tokens on lay-by, lay away, buy and pay later program to help build your bag over the next 15 months. Using SGO Pay plan only for DHC members. Limits apply.

Who is eligible to join DHC?

It’s open for everyone with over $USD $500 worth of tokens 25th July 2021.

However, Phase 2 is only open to DHC Members.
DHC members – are the only ones who will receive this offer, it will not be publicly available.

When does it start & end?

The offer will be only valid for a limited period of time. Make sure you register by Midnight, AEST, 25/07/2021.

How can I join this program/ promotion?

Register now by filling this form in this page.

You will need to provide your name, email, wallet confirmation details, amount, and proposed HODL amount.

If you don’t register, you can not enter other rounds of DHC, including the Layaway / Layby / PayLater phase 2 and other DHC exclusives planned between now and World Cup 2022.

DHC Membership does have privileges and NOT ONLY the ones mentioned to date.

What Other DHC Benefits Are There?

We are not setting all these out today, but we will be adding partner benefits, additional benefits, loyalty offers, news, and products to further motivate, reward, engage, and enhance the SGO experience. This will include:

  • Exclusive DHC Only Products
  • First Chance on the more limited releases.
  • Preferred Status for Other SGO Opportunity, Whitelist, Off Market and Assets
  • Exclusive News Direct To Inboxes

Are There Different Levels of this loyalty program?

  • Yes there are five levels
  • Diamond levels as below:
    • Blue Diamond ~ top 70% members
    • Silver Diamond ~ top 50% members
    • Gold Diamond ~ top 30% members
    • Platinum Diamond ~ top 10% members
    • Black Diamond ~ top 1% members
  • Each level will carry DHC prestige benefits and different levels of benefits and acknowledgements as we move forward with the loyalty benefits, products, rewards and partner benefits are added.

What are the terms & policies when I agree to join this program/ promotion?

Disclaimer – Not Financial Advice – Any and all figures used are for representative purposes only and token holders should do their own research before joining DHC or purchasing tokens. Full terms & conditions of these reward program benefits and offers will be updated soon.

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