A Fan Token is a valued VIP Fandom membership in the form of a cryptocurrency.

HIB$ Fan Token Holders could receive premium and priority access to a range of Hibernian FC Organisation specific Fandom membership perks, competitions, iGames and loyalty benefits.


A Fan Token is a valued VIP Fandom membership in the form of a cryptocurrency.

HIB$ Fan Token Holders could receive premium and priority access to a range of Hibernian FC Organisation specific Fandom membership perks, competitions, iGames and loyalty benefits.


Full terms, conditions and benefits are decided by the Hibernian FC and
implemented in Smart contracts by SGO management team.


The Fan Token purpose is to be fan-oriented, allowing spectators to increase engagement, becoming active SUPER FANS, showing their fandom, become contributors and influence fellow supporters and decisions with their sports clubs.


Ownerships offers fans the ability to participate in member styled fan-led decisions through a mobile voting platform and polls.


A fans ticket into a secure, exclusive inner circle of super fans, with shared passions and beliefs.


The more tokens a fan holds, and they more they vote, the higher the level of that fan, more tokens, more activity = higher rewards and level achievements until they have access to the biggest VIP benefit offers.


The token is highly liquid with nearly 30,000 token holder members and growing.



Learn more about our partnership with Sportemon Go and
how to become the owner of a collectable HIB$ Fan Token.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are also known as crypto-collectibles. They can not be divided, maintain uniqueness, and characterize scarcity associated with cryptocurrencies, ultimately driving up their value. Also embedded in NFT’s attributes is the ability to represent a unique digital asset, which can be digital assets or tokenized versions of real-world assets.

NFTs contain identifying information recorded in their smart contracts. They differ distinctly from regular cryptocurrencies in that each token is indivisible with properties that cannot be shared with other tokens. Traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are divisible and are interchangeable, aka, fungible. For example, it is practically impossible to split one NFT collectible into new identities and owners, but entirely possible to do so with Bitcoin. One Bitcoin can change hands over time, and each Bitcoin is the same as the other; what may change with its movement might be the asset’s price.

How Do NFTs Work?

NFTs have their own specific set of attributes (e.g., off-chain and on-chain metadata), making them unique. This uniqueness means that only one type of NFT can ever be created and it can not be interchanged with an identical one. NFT’s highlight the uniqueness and scarcity of the broader use of blockchain. It has found its increased relevance in the areas of Artwork and Gaming. Since no two artworks are unique with fungible properties in mind, the same principles apply to certain gaming items.

How Can NFTs be Used?

NFTs can be used by blockchain decentralized applications (Dapp) to issue unique digital assets, identification, and collectibles. Since NFTs trade on the blockchain, you have a lot of freedom regarding what you can use them for:

Buying and selling on a marketplace.
Trade or gift them out.
Use in decentralized apps, e.g., in-game activities.
Showcase your NFTs inventory in select platforms dapps or social media
NFTs help solve high inflation in gaming economies. Since most games have their economy and revenue generation strategies figured out, NFTs bring it a step further by allowing for the unique identification of a game and its features. Another exciting use of NFTs is the tokenization of real-world assets that can be stored and traded on a blockchain-enabled wallet and marketplace, respectively. Keeping digital identity is a use case that NFTs have helped improve tremendously using blockchain’s trustless property.

Hibernian NFTs

Sportemon Go’s collection of NFTs will showcase moments in Hibernian Football Clubs long history. Owning an NFT is another way of holding a piece of Hibernian sports memorabilia.

Why have we partnered with SGO?

The partnership with Sportemon Go provides us with the opportunity to move into the ever-growing digital fan engagement space, providing direct access via mobile app and desktop platforms. Utilising blockchain technology fans can interact digitally in a safe and secure environment. This provides our supporters a new way to engage directly with the club and offers a range of money can’t buy experiences in addition to taking part in fan polls which will have a direct influence on the management of the Club.

What Is A Fan Token?

The Hibs Fan Token (HIB$) allows you to purchase a digital pass for Hibs, this never expires. In having a HIB$ Token you will have enhanced access to the Club. In days gone-by we would all collect physical memorabilia (Ticket Subs, Programmes, Football Strips etc), the HIB$ fan token is a form of memorabilia in a digital format. It also allows the holder access to special experiences, club polls as well as a range of Club quizzes, competitions and games. HIB$ Token is also available to buy worldwide and gives us the opportunity to engage with Clubs everywhere. Fan tokens are open to anyone over the age of 18. These digital assets are officially recognised as utility tokens by leading regulatory authorities.

Do I have to pay for a HIB$ Fan Token?

HIB$ Fan Token will be available for fans to purchase, Hibernian Season Ticket, Hospitality and Official Members over the age of 18 will have the opportunity receive £10 worth of $SGO with their first purchase of HIB$ fan token. Visit this page to grab your HIB$ Fan Tokens Now.

Is this a way of monetising fan engagement?

No. The Club’s Fan Engagement team will continue to deliver their highly regarded campaigns and activities across the season with the wider fanbase, separate from this partnership. However, the fan experiences and opportunities created by this partnership come from the rights Sportemon Go have acquired as a partner of Hibernian FC. They have chosen to tailor their access to player appearances, match tickets and other elements of their partnership inventory to create new fan experiences, that would otherwise have not been possible. Hibernian FC and Sportemon Go will be working with fans, fan groups and HIB$ Fan Token holders to help shape the money-can’t-buy fan experiences on offer.

Can I sell my Fan Tokens?

HIB$ Fan Tokens are digital collectable assets and are yours to keep for life. Much like receiving a signed shirt or piece of Hibernian memorabilia. The only difference is that your HIB$ Fan Token brings you closer to Hibernian through a range of events, memorabilia, money-can’t-buy experiences, competitions and quizzes. While supporters are encouraged to keep and cherish their collectable HIB$ Fan Token(s) as well as being reminded that the intention of purchasing the digital tokens as fans is not around trading, should you really want to sell your token you can list it for sale and trade it through the same channel used to purchase. This would involve converting the token back to BNB and then back into your chosen currency. Please note there may be a minimum limit on withdrawals and remember that the price of your HIB$ Fan Token is dependent on supply or demand, it can therefore go up as well as down.

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