News “Mr. Las Vegas” Stephen A. Crystal Inks Global Deal with Sportemon Go

“Mr. Las Vegas” Stephen A. Crystal Inks Global Deal with Sportemon Go

The collaboration will include iGaming, eSports, betting, and casino games.

Reaching a New Deal

Mr. Stephen A. Crystal, the founder of SCCG Management and a 30-year veteran of global gaming, betting, esport, and casino wagering businesses, has inked a deal with Sportemon Go. The deal signed is a partnership that includes becoming a shareholder, advisor and providing global business development services to aid high growth and commercialize the Sportemon Go tokenized sports platform ecosystem.

Crystal is bringing with him a wealth of knowledge, experience, expertise, and networks gathered over his 30-year career, which now consists of over 70 best-in-class providers to SGO. The collaboration adds to the already impressive list of physical and virtual experiences, NFT gaming, betting systems, and technology that SGO already possesses.

This partnership brings together proven veterans of sports, gaming, and wagering to capitalize on the high demand for quality mass audience traffic by SCCGs’ multibillion-dollar gaming partners and the rapidly expanding online blockchain opportunities across iGaming, Virtual Sports, eSports, betting, and online casinos.

How Things Went Down

This announcement was made in an AMA between Mr. Las Vegas of SCCG Management and Sportemon Go co-founders Ricky and Corey Jackson. The venture combines online global sports and esports digital experiences, betting and casino content, next-generation NFTs, merchandise, a marketplace, and other sports experiential content with highly desirable sports wagering partners for additional player benefits and commercial gain. The globally experienced Sportemon Go team has 30 years of expertise in successfully scaling global sports businesses across collectibles, licensing, fantasy sports, betting, and now all this experience is being assembled into a single sports ecosystem with both physical and digital experiences that can generate significant mass audience participation, providing long-term qualified customers with a propensity towards high lifetime value to our betting and gaming partners.

“The Sportemon Go Team is exceptionally experienced, talented and this equity deal, advisory and business development partnership which is a great extension to a solid relationship we have built over time,” Mr. Las Vegas, Stephen A. Crystal said.

In reference to integrating SCCG partner companies into the SGO platform, Mr. Las Vegas gave insight into why he chose SGO.

“And you know what’s really interesting is, we’ve gone to a handful of them together and no one has said no! Because the environment that Sportemon Go represents, that the SGO Community represents, is the ability to do something that takes their technology to another level,” Crystal explained. “We have a rich community, rich in terms of the quality of the people, the nature of the discourse; it’s really been a joy to see. If you have as a foundation, a community, and you’re creating value together, we’re kind of democratizing the experience of creating value in our token, and then give that token a rich environment from which to leverage it, this is something that will become the model for other businesses in the future.”

The mogul continued by giving encouragement to the leaders of SGO.

“When you innovate, whether it’s with NFTs, whether it’s with leveraging the fan experience…[this is what Ricky stands for in his career, Corey, you’re a younger guy hopefully following in your father’s footsteps] it isn’t easy to be an innovator,” he noted. “The foundation of what we have, the pureness of it, if we keep up that attitude, then we will have a great chance to succeed. We will have a shot at the best-in-class technology, so I just think we have to be prepared to go on the journey together.”

What Sportemon Go Brings to the Table

The combination of experience and youth comes from a father/son team that brings the experience of the best-in-class sports marketing, licensing, pathway games, digital marketing, mass audience engagement and has already locked in partnerships with Premier League stars, top tier UK Football Clubs, The South Sydney Rabbitohs Rugby Team, over 30 world-class sporting talents, and Billion Dollar companies.

“We are ready to implement high-value partnerships across these channel opportunities in a big way!”


The SGO team had glowing descriptions of what it means to work with Crystal.

“The truly exciting thing is the number of module opportunities that Stephen brings to the partnership. There is a lot of low hanging fruit sitting there already within his network that makes this a large scalable global opportunity, and we look forward to bringing these best-in-class providers into the SGO ecosystem,”


His father, Ricky Jackson, elaborated on Corey’s sentiments.

“We are very thrilled to welcome Stephen and solidify a personal and professional partnership that has been built over time with Stephen and his SCCG Management team,” Ricky added. “With our proprietary sports media, igaming business model technologies and ecosystem allowing us to power the opportunity, attract and motivate mass audiences of qualified, high lifetime value traffic to top tier partners with significant mutual benefits and revenues”

Ricky has succeeded across Australia, and the United Kingdom, and North America in two successful sports scale-up businesses to global exits in the same field. These largest and most competitive international sports and iGaming markets globally, by having prepared, refined, and perfected the multi-channel mass audience acquisition model, product, business model, IP tools and added the world-class advisors, partners, and execution talent necessary to scale across the tremendous worldwide market.

About SCCG Management

SCCG specializes in investments and the business of developing worldwide best-in-class brands, representation before governmental agencies for complex regulatory matters, intellectual property, and strategic business development within international, land-based casinos, tribal gaming, iGaming, gaming, sports betting, esports, and entertainment markets.

For over 3 decades, Mr. Las Vegas and SCCG have been active investors in gaming technology. The first 20 years were focused on brick-and-mortar casinos. That included table games and slots; the evolution of skill-based free and pay-to-play gaming, incorporation of video gaming or video competition within a casino setting; products like poker, or even evergreen products like lotto and Bingo.

When the digital world started to take shape in America, the USA was decades behind. Mr. Vegas would visit Europe every year to look at the best-in-class technology. So it was natural when the US opened up 6 years ago due to the Supreme Court legalizing sports betting, that top tier, 1st in-class providers selected SCCG to partner and represent them in America. From fantasy sports, pick’ems, pay to play or free to play, sports gaming or casino gaming, or even virtual sports or e-sports peer to peer wagering, in-play sports betting, or even micro betting – SCCG has it all. SCCG now has a universe of over 70 best-in-class suppliers, providers, and gaming company developers.

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