News Pickstar partners with NFT company Sportemon-Go

Pickstar partners with NFT company Sportemon-Go

Online marketplace Pickstar Group has announced a partnership with NFT company Sportemon-Go.

The announcement:

Pickstar and Sportemon-Go have announced a strategic relationship. The duo will transform sport’s digital merchandise boom and revolutionise the sports memorabilia and collectibles industry, globally.

Sportemon-Go’s digital sports ecosystem and platform changes the game for sports fandom experiences. In particular, the digitisation of sporting memorabilia, moments and merchandise through designing and developing Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectibles and virtual experiences.

Through Pickstar Group’s private and public marketplace, Sportemon-Go has global access to over 60,000 of the world’s current and former professional athletes, icon’s and celebrities.

Adam Gilchrist, Australian cricket commentator and international cricket legend, has been confirmed as the official, global cricket ambassador for Sportemon-Go.

“Through Pickstar, I’m thrilled to be on-board with such an exciting and groundbreaking company to digitise and share some of my most impactful memories, moments and memorabilia with cricket fans and collectors around the world,” said Gilchrist. “The technology and creativity that sits behind this is incredible and I look forward to being part of the team that paves the way for athletes, fans and organisations to create, commercialise and obtain this next generation of sports-related assets.

Pickstar’s Chief Growth Officer, Loren Renton, said the partnership creates a fast and simple solution. “Pickstar offers Sportemon-Go the ability to move swiftly to secure talent in record time for NFT opportunities. This is critical to broker exclusive arrangements for Sportemon-Go to calibrate with talent and to create NFTs, or similar digital merchandising arrangements.”

“It’s a win-win for both our companies, but most importantly, it’s a slam dunk for brands, marketers, athletes and sporting associations who need to learn and act fast so as to not miss out,” added Renton.

Sportemon-Go’s CEO, Ricky Jackson, said Sportemon-Go places high value on the Pickstar relationship. “Pickstar’s ability to access the right talent at lightning speed in order to meet our clients’ needs and expand our business fast and efficiently is critical.”

“Sportemon-Go want to make the use of NFT’s and Crypto currency as simple as possible added Jackson. “Our mission is to help the 99% of people who are grappling with this opportunity to understand how to use this tool. We want to change the game through digital and interactive assets and experiences, such as AR experiences for fans at stadiums or NFT hunting on game day at venues.”

Since its launch in Australia in June 2021, Sportemon-Go has become an overnight leader in Australia’s NFT production. In the past week they have secured 16 notable talents across multiple sports and markets, to collaborate with and produce those talent’s NFT’s, exclusively.

Pickstar confirmed that they are under instruction by Sportemon-Go to arrange a star- studded affair across the USA, UK/Europe and Australia with MLB, NFL, NBA, EPL, NRL talent and teams for future NFT-related ambassadorships and various other immersive digital offerings through Sportemon-Go’s AR technology.

Source: Trip Pant media release

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