News Premier League and England Star Luke Shaw Launches NFT With Sportemon Go

Premier League and England Star Luke Shaw Launches NFT With Sportemon Go

Premier League and England Star Luke Shaw Launches NFT With Sportemon Go

Luke Shaw Launches NFT

Manchester United and England’s Luke Shaw, has launched his own Non-Fungible Token (NFT), powered by collectible specialists Sportemon Go (SGO).

Last week, we had the Russell Crowe and Rabbitohs Partnership announced, and now we are excited and honoured to offer Exclusive Luke Shaw NFT Digital Collectible with a Limited Edition of 221 randomly generated individual characteristics.

Very Few for Sale

This is a limited edition run, and unique characteristics makes this NFT a rare digital collectible. Having been created to become individual custom collector pieces, that may include unique numbering, shirts, name, colours, and digital signatures

In addition to this being Luke Shaw’s first NFT of his series, it is also the inaugural item in our Hometown Heroes Collection – Great Britain Collection

This Luke Shaw and SGO exclusive NFT partner collaboration was only made possible by the Premier League stars being available on Pickstar, the global talent marketplace and also being official partners of SGO.

More Partnerships

Other than SGO, Pickstar partnerships include Andy Robertson and two further England stars who are yet to be announced – who have all signed exclusively to Sportemon Go. The stars are joining other Great Britain hometown hero athletes such as Nigel and Connor Benn and also thirty Australian athletes, including Adam Gilchrist..

SGO also has partnership deals with Rangers F.C. Hibernians F.C and the Russell Crowe-owned Rabbitohs Rugby League Team

SGO features monthly on TV New To The Street segment for Nasdaq, Bloomberg, NewsMax and was also recently named as one of the world’s biggest sports Non Fungible Token (NFT) players by

SGO have developed several unique next generation NFT editions and releases for their Premier Superstars, Legends and Heroes. Turning real life Heroes into “Marvel-like” virtual Superheroes from Memories, Moments and Memorabilia to Virtual Trading Card and Augmented Reality Style Collections.

The stars will feature in a range of digital collectible formats allowing fans to purchase one-of-a-kind NFT collectables and priceless memorabilia.

“We’re ecstatic to produce some of the most creative, innovative and collectible digital products for some of the best football talent in the English Premier League today. Our series of NFTs, aims to commemorate the Players career, special memories, moments and memorabilia in an authentic digital format at a variety of price points,” Sportemon Go’s CEO, Ricky Jackson, said. “Creating some of the most exciting and dynamic NFT digital collectable series for world football fans to collect, buy, find, swap, and trade, so they can enjoy now and for generations to come, and we’re thrilled to be offering Luke Shaw – Heroes NFTs for sale starting today!”

Pickstar’s management was also thrilled by the release of the Luke Shaw NFTs.

“SGO are playing a large role in bringing mainstream NFT adoption and some of the Premier League’s most revered talent to the world of NFTs is an exciting proposition thanks to our partnership with Pickstar, and we are replicating this in the U.K., Europe, U.S.A, Australia and beyond, as we aim to become the World’s Best Tokenised Sports Platform” added Loren Renton.

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