News Premier League Stars Launch Digital Collectables With Major NFT Deal Thanks to Sportemon Go and Pickstar Partnership

Premier League Stars Launch Digital Collectables With Major NFT Deal Thanks to Sportemon Go and Pickstar Partnership

LONDON, Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Manchester United’s, Luke Shaw and Liverpool F.C.’s, Andy Robertson, have today launched their own NFTs, in partnership with Sportemon Go.

Fans can now register to win one of Luke Shaw’s First Edition NFTs, valued at over £700 from, with Andy Robertson’s available later this month.

The collaboration was made possible by the Premier League stars being available on Pickstar, the global marketplace for sports and entertainment talent. Pickstar allows brands and businesses to search and select stars with ease, for anything from sports after dinner speakers and motivational speakers for events such as International Women’s Day, to opportunities in helping companies hire a football legend for one-off or multi-year brand partnerships.

Luke Shaw and Andy Robertson have signed exclusively to Sportemon Go for all future NFTs, and join over 25 other athletes in doing so.

The players will feature in a range of digital formats allowing fans to purchase one-of-a-kind collectables, from “Marvel-like” superhero virtual trading cards to augmented reality style collections.

Recently named as one of the world’s biggest sports NFT players by, Sportemon Go will create and issue a number of unique NFT editions and releases featuring the Premier League stars.

We’re over the moon to be partnering with some of the best talent in the Premier League for a series of NFTs, that commemorates their playing career, special memories, moments and memorabilia in an authentic digital format. Together we will be creating some of the most exciting and dynamic digital collectables for football fans to enjoy for generations to come. Pickstar has been instrumental in helping us in both the search and selection of these two incredible stars and we’re thrilled to be offering these Heroes NFTs for sale starting today with Luke Shaw.


“Pickstar has played a central role in connecting brands and business to talent and it’s great to see our global expansion now resulting in incredible partnerships like this,” said Loren Renton, Pickstar’s Chief Growth Officer. “Bringing some of the Premier League’s most revered talent to the world of NFTs is an exciting proposition, and one we will be looking to replicate more so here in the U.K., and beyond,” added Renton.

Chance to WIN Premier League Star Luke Shaw NFT

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