News Sportemon Go Major Announcement with Ricky Jackson

Sportemon Go Major Announcement with Ricky Jackson

Ricky Jackson – Hi guys, another massive week, a lot to get through, I know you are all dying to see the show and tell of the app and that’s going to happen. Anabolic will get to that, but I’m not sure of the exact time, it is ready, I’ve seen it, it’s looking awesome and those boys can do that without me.

So lets get on to the stuff you cant do without me and that is an update on some of the things that we’ve got, we’ve got such a jam packed week and into the weeks leading up the launch. We just have to get out all the news we possibly can and update you as much as we can, there’s too much for one day.


The journey to the 99%

I’m going to start with the gift cards and we are actually going to start giving out some gift cards this week. I’ve just authorised Ally to start and give those out so that people can start using those with some of the partners. We will issue those out for things like shilling, quizzes, maybe guessing which athletes we’ve got, lots of fun things to start interacting with the gift cards. Now of course that is Australia only at this point and that also matches up with the Australian athletes and the Australia partners we have starting here.

Of course the giftcard with rewards for other partners like rebel, footlocker, uber are all to get the community used to using the giftcards as we move towards being placed on supermarket shelves and cash registers through Australia. Buying giftcards that take you to sgo, that is as close as you can egt to going direct to customer as you can, straight into the supermarket, straight into the heartland of everyone, every demographic. Giftcards are a prized possession especially around holidays and Christmas. The first giftcards will go out this week.

The first visa cards will also be done, myself, Anabolic, Corey and Ally will be getting the first SGO visa cards, they are coming which is really exciting. We’ve got Indacoin which you can buy SGO with visa cards. They are loadable, disposable but ours I’m sure will also be collectable.

Another thing on this, and this has only just broken now…. Apple pay to SGOsgo. Apple pay to SGO! Now how mainstream is that. This is through our giftcard supplier. Gift cards, visa cards and now apple pay, now that’s not a bad deal is it? and then we end up on supermarket shelves all over Australia selling direct to the 99%.


Diamond hands club – as if that wasn’t exciting enough, the lockup starts this weekend. You’d better get your last buys in, because when you get contacted, you get locked up. There’s a lot of people scrambling right now to get into the gold club or the black diamond club. We are starting and this starts this weekend, I know that we have around 140 -160 trillion tokens and that could go up. Around about half of that is in the top 30 wallets. They have all recommitted, they are really serious about this, they see the opportunity and they are coming up with a plan to educate our newbies on why we hodl and why they hodl and why so many of our top 30 wallet holders are locking up their tokens until November 2022.

Until we get into the process we are not sure of the exact time that will take but you will be contacted. Your time to buy is quickly running out


The BIG annoucement last night was the premier league superstar, and he is an absolute superstar. You don’t get to play in the championship team and win it unless you are a superstar player. 6 other companies pitched to this player and we were successful so that’s one great for our model and brand. I’m certain when we announce this player there will be significant noise around this and I can’t wait to get the NFTs out.

We are going to announce him next Tuesday or Wednesday, that just depends on obviously the UK is behind Australian time and there could be delay between the approvals between the parties and we have put various media around that.

We also have the NFT marketplace opening up and that’s going to be live on Monday and that’s going to start taking presales on NFTS and I’ve started working today on the collections and we will start putting out the athletes as individuals and as collections and they will be available to all budgets. One of the problems with some of the other NFTS is, some are at the lower, some are at the higher and there’s little that go between that, we want to give everyone the opportunity to find that next superstar. Some will be rare, we are also as part of that starting a Twitter competition and that will be to win a $20k NFT of our premier league superstar.

Buy to win $20,000 superstar NFT

It will be given away, and on that you will have to buy 2.5bill and that will be on our Twitter tomorrow and if you buy between the start and date and the time we do the draw then you will be in the draw to win the $20k NFT of the England superstar. We will do the draw with Chainlink so it’S all verified in the perfect system that is blockchain.

Big week already right. In other news, of course there’s an NFL team coming and that will happen before the app. So that annoucement we are working towards doing before the app and I think we will probably have another one with the app launch. We have had a massive week across football fed, clubs in international markets, players associations. Multiple, biggest starts in every sport, Corey’s been at some events this week and he’s not just there to look good. He’s got the good job hasn’t he? He’s out there seeing all these superstars and trying to cut deals. So we’ve cut our first deal in the UK, the us we are well in the market, we’ve got an NFL team, we are pitching to some big names and we are hopeful that our proposition is strong and we can announce some more big ones soon.

We are going to do and show and tell with anabolic and I know you are all definitely keen to see but I wanted to get this news out first, so I’m going to leave you with that and the team will get back to you on that.

The pre release test of the app, letting the admins and the platinum diamond hand club members, we have some really exciting things in the mix. DHC starts happening this weekend, if you don’t get contacting straight away don’t panic, levels do count and this is your last chance.

Really exciting because you know I love loyalty and rewards and that and the giftcards and apple pay is a big part of getting the 99%. The chance to win a $20k NFT, what could be better and then the app! You’re going to want to get those last buys in, lock it away until 2022 and reap the benefits. Alright guys, speak to you later.

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