News SporteVerse – Get Ready to Play, Battle, Win and Earn in the MetaVerse

SporteVerse – Get Ready to Play, Battle, Win and Earn in the MetaVerse

Welcome to the SporteVerse, the platform aiming to become the world’s best-tokenized sports and entertainment theme park in the real world and Metaverse.

Introducing SporteVerse

SporteVerse is a tokenized Dapp platform where Sports and Virtual Sports, eSports and iGaming collide. The platform blurs the lines between the real and unreal, heroes and superheroes, battles and quests, where AR leads you on a Pokemon/Ready Player One-style gamification in the MetaVerse. SporteVerse seeks to be the latest and most innovative gamified MetaVerse and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Win Tokens and SporteBots

This metaverse is being created by Sportemon Go, the father/son-led team of industry titans from the sports, marketing, media, gaming, betting, and crypto worlds. SportemonGo features in-house 3D creatives, characters, and environment development. They provide world-class CGI graphics, proven and working augmented reality, virtual reality sports, eSport mobile games, and experiences in both real and unreal crossover environments.

Having already signed multiple Premier League stars and 30 other top-tier world-class athletes to the platform, there is a steady supply of real-life Superstars and Legends to feature as AvaStars to support the company. These are created and produced characters that will be made available for you to purchase, own, earn and utilize in MetaGames, the SGO, and Partner GameFi ecosystem, and the broader Metaverse.

With true physical and digital world utility, Sportemon Go is enabling gamers, sports lovers, crypto, and NFT investors the opportunity to unlock value, own, play, earn and commercialize their favorite 3D AvaStar-based NFT’s.

Could SporteVerse Become the ESPN of the Metaverse?

“Well, Disney started with a mouse and we start with 30 global Avastars, some awesome characters, gamified experiences, and an incredibly experienced team, So only time will tell, but seriously the Metaverse was already a game changer, and now with Facebook’s recent announcement to change its name to Meta, it will just get hotter.”

Sportemon Go’s CEO, Ricky Jackson explained.

The CEO dived into the reasons that Sportemon Go believes they are in position to take advantage of the growing Metaverse concept.

“We have been planning for a long time, so we are exceptionally well placed to capitalize on this opportunity, as we have already developed the first range of products, games and global partnerships with inhouse talents in creative, technology, marketing and business diversity to transform and drive the NFT Gaming and Metaverse space globally,“ he revealed.

Sportemon Go will celebrate this important release by giving away free tokens and NFTs of their newest characters, SporteBots. Register now to grab your own free collectible!

“Our NFT, Gaming and Metaverse innovation is unique, we are well ahead on quality in this fast paced game with first move advantage and we look forward to giving investors, collectors, gamers and fans the ability to witness this in the coming weeks and on-going, with what is an incredible once in a lifetime wealth generation opportunity,” Jackson concluded.

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